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    DIY Goat Playground

    If you have goats, we probably don’t have to tell you that Billy can be pretty frisky and playful. Making sure your goats have suitable entertainment and stimulation is very important! Just like any other animal, goats get bored and restless with nothing to do. One great way to keep your goats active and amused is to give them a goat playground. This doesn’t have to cost very much. In fact, goat playgrounds can be quite inexpensive! In this article, a local Brookings, SD vet lists some great DIY goat playground ideas.


    With a little elbow grease and some creativity, you can turn a pile of old pallets into a fun goat mountain, or a series of ramps and stairs. Just be sure to cover the holes between boards, so Billy can’t fall through.


    Don’t throw out that old table: put it in your goat yard! Bury the table legs, so it doesn’t tip over. Old end tables can also be upcycled for Billy. (Tip: check local thrift stores and want ads for free or cheap pieces.)

    Old Stairs

    It isn’t uncommon for people to give away their old deck or porch stairs when they get new ones. Watch local listings, and snag some for your goats. Be sure to use proper support, so they don’t tip over.

    Truck Tires

    Those giant tires big trucks and tractors use can be lots of fun for Billy! Look for inexpensive used ones. Bury them in the ground, just deep enough so they will stay standing.

    Playground Sets

    Children’s playground sets can make excellent goat playground pieces. The plastic ones that are made for very young children are a great option. Just avoid any that have steep inclines or sharp parts.

    Cable Spools

    Those large wooden spools that are used for holding thick wire can make a terrific addition to your goat playground. Ask local utility companies if they have old ones available.


    We probably don’t have to tell you that goats playing on trampolines are super cute. Just be sure to secure the trampoline, so it doesn’t tip over.


    Safety first! Check your goat playground objects regularly for exposed nails, weak or rotting spots, holes, and other possible dangers.

    Please feel free to call us, your Brookings, SD animal clinic, for all of your goat’s veterinary care needs. We are dedicated to providing excellent care!

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